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I know how incredibly hard the first step can be, and you’re doing it! I am proud of you for considering therapy, and even more, I hope you’re proud of yourself. Many people who struggle with mental health are afraid of being judged by their peers, their co-workers, and even their therapist. In the work we do together, you’ll experience a judgment- free space where you can be your true self.


  • Anxiety

  • Strong Inner critic

  • Being a Highly Sensitive Person

  • Perfectionism

  • Self-Esteem

  • Healthy Boundary Setting

  • Relationships

  • Introversion


Though we can’t always “get rid” of anxiety, we can learn skills and strategies to let go of the thoughts and patterns that hold us back. In therapy you’ll learn to calm the noise of extra worry, rumination, and fear. We’ll use mindfulness and other skills to help you live a more centered, calm life.


In therapy, we’ll work to help you find relief from the burden of an unchecked inner critic and overcome the negativity overshadowing your strengths, dreams and goals. Together, we’ll work to reframe this part of you into an asset for your success, rather than a barrier.


Highly sensitive people often believe their sensitivity is a weakness. In therapy, you’ll learn to accept and reconnect with your authentic self and to use your sensitivity as a superpower, rather than a weakness. Together, we’ll work on helping you honor your uniqueness and be compassionate toward yourself.


Left unchecked, perfectionism will keep you from moving forward, and usually leads to more anxiety, worry, and fear. In therapy, we’ll tackle the underlying fears that fuel those pesky patterns, and move toward freedom and acceptance.


We are often our own worst critic. If you struggle with self-esteem, you know how easily it can impact every area of life. As you start to understand yourself better and to recognize those pesky tendencies or patterns that cause problems, you can begin setting goals, practicing new skills, and making active choices to challenge those patterns and cultivate a new, healthy sense of self.


Setting healthy boundaries is one of the most important pieces of a healthy relationship. It’s also one of the most difficult. Together, we’ll practice skills to help you set healthy boundaries and improve your ability to notice and recognize what boundaries you need to feel healthy and fulfilled.


In therapy, you’ll learn to overcome unhealthy relationship patterns, and practice skills that will give you more confidence in areas like dating, work, and friendships. Don’t let old patterns or heartache keep you from relationships. Together, we will give you the tools to succeed and reach your goals.


Learn to thrive in the world as an introverted person without sacrificing your sense of self, your limits, or the time you need to recharge. Experience the freedom that comes from accepting your natural strengths, and learn to quiet the pressures of being an introvert in an extroverted world.

Your life won’t change until you’re willing to change your life.

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