is there something holding you back from being the parent you strive to be for your children?

Is it challenging for you to set limits?

does it feel like no matter what you do, your children won't listen to you?

Parenting is hard work. One of the biggest challenges about being a parent is feeling stuck or unable to help your child when you know they are struggling. I provide parent’s with tools to better support yourself and your children. I teach parents how to connect with their children in a way that can allow for a relationship built on trust, safety, and love. I provide you with resources to help better understand your children. Sessions may look like problem solving specific experiences that are happening at home between you and your child. As you walk me through the details of a given experience, we slow it down to examine it and see what can be done differently to support both you and your children. I really enjoy working with parents in individual therapy because you need a place to express your feelings about the struggles of parenting as well as anything else that may be going on in your life. You are doing the best that you can with what you have, and you deserve as much support as you are giving to your children. I strive to create a relationship with parents built on trust and transparency where you can feel safe to express the challenging feelings that arise from having the hardest job, being a parent. 


It would be an honor to support you wherever you are in your journey of being a parent


It's okay to ask for help.

You and your children deserve to feel good about yourselves and your relationship.

If you want to parent from a centered place not a depleted place, it’s time to reach out for the support you deserve

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