As a parent, you often feel the pressure to “do it all.” Sometimes that pressure comes from others, but most often, it comes from our own Inner Critic.

The truth is, we all need extra support from time to time. 

 Together, we will tackle the places where you feel stuck as a parent, and you’ll gain valuable tools to put in your parenting tool box.

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• Set and enforce limits

• Learn strategies to help your child listen

• Respond to off-track behavior effectively

• Quiet the pressure of the Inner Critic

• Avoid burnout & keep your tank full


Most parents struggle to set limits from time to time. Maybe you feel a little guilty for saying no for the 100th time that day. Maybe the thought of another temper tantrum makes you want to hide in the bathroom. Either way, enforcing limits can be a struggle. 

In therapy, We’ll work through the obstacles that keep you from setting and enforcing limits. You’ll learn how to clearly enforce limits, and how to help set you and your child up for success. 


Whether your child is 2 or 12, getting them to listen and respond can be difficult. We’ve all had frustrating moments when we need a child to listen, and when they don’t, it can feel like a snowball effect of frustration and defiance, and may end with one of you in tears! 

Together, we’ll come up with individualized strategies for how to engage effectively with your child. We can’t always control their response, but we can create circumstances that make it easier for them to respond in a positive way, and to help them make good choices along the way. 


There isn’t an official handbook for parenting, and sometimes we don’t always know what to do. Especially when it comes to tantrums, aggression, or acting out, parents often feel uncertain about how to help. It can feel scary, isolating, and confusing when your child is struggling. The good news is, you don’t have to face it alone. 

In therapy, you’ll learn to navigate your own reactions to their behavior, and will also learn effective strategies for helping your child through the off-track behavior in a loving, supportive way. All behavior is communication, and together, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to understand what your child is attempting to communicate, and how to engage with them in a way that builds them up and helps them feel connected as opposed to disconnected. 


Parents face a lot of pressure to be “perfect.” Though many of these pressures are external, it’s also likely that your Inner Critic shows up a lot to criticize you. You may hear messages like this on a daily basis: 

• You’re messing up your kid.

• You’ll never be as good as other parents.

• Your kid wouldn’t behave this way if you did a better job.

The truth is, you’re here because you want to do your best, and the Inner Critic is only getting in the way of a happier, healthier relationship with your child.  In therapy, we’ll work on quieting the Inner Critic and will move beyond those unhelpful thoughts. Together, we’ll reframe those moments of doubt and fear into opportunities for self-compassion and connection. 


Burnout can be a real problem for parents, especially when your child is struggling. So often, parents will forfeit their needs to better care for their child. The problem is that you can’t fill their tank if yours is empty. In fact, an empty tank often leads to feeling more irritable, having less patience with your child, reacting out of anger, and sometimes, it can even lead to resentment. 

In therapy, we’ll work to reframe self-care as an essential component to caring well for yourself and your family. We’ll explore what kinds of self-care you need to be healthy mentally and physically, and we’ll problem solve to help you make time and space for your own wellness needs.  

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