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Is your teen highly sensitive or introverted?

do they seem easily overwhelmed with emotion?

do they struggle with anxiety?

It's hard being a teenager. This is a time in their lives when they are holding so many feelings about themselves and the world around them. Between navigating friendships, academics, extra curricular activities, family AND mental health challenges it can be very overwhelming. They are so busy that it doesn’t seem like they have much time for themselves to recharge and reflect. Teens often feel very alone in their struggles when they don’t have to do it all alone. There’s so much pressure socially and academically to fit in and succeed. Therapy with me is a place where your teen is accepted for who they truly are inside. A space where they can feel seen, heard, and understood. If your teen has asked to see a therapist, that shows some incredible self-care and responsibility.

I strive to create a relationship with each client based on safety and trust. I encourage self-expression during our sessions together. I bring in art therapy techniques and other forms of expressive arts that the client is interested in. I believe that healing comes from the therapeutic relationship that is created between client and therapist. I support teens as they are figuring out who they are in the world and where they want to go. I am someone who they can trust to help them navigate through the challenges of growing up. 

Being the parent of a teen has its own set of challenges. Raising your child throughout their teen years can bring up old wounds and hurts from your childhood. It can be hard to accept that they are distancing themselves from you as they discover who they are in this world. Together we can explore new ways of connecting with your teen.  You both deserve to feel good in your relationship.

Does your teen need support with any of the following?

  • Anxiety

  • Highly Sensitive Teen/Shy

  • Academic Pressure

  • Peer Pressure

  • Social Anxiety

  • Self-esteem

  • Grief/loss

  • Divorce

  • Bullying/cyber bullying

  • Identity

  • Exclusion

  • Friendships

  • Family Dynamics

  • Body Image

  • Loneliness

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